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  SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems are adding real value and positive energy to sensory and consumer insight groups worldwide.
Quality control, assurance and safety testing in manufacturing plants worldwide.
Benefits for you and your team include lower cost software, bug-free software, new opportunities, new successes and real value.
Internet testing is included free to all of our clients so you can reach more respondents everywhere.
SIMS software is the lowest cost highest value sensory software solution.

  SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Evaluation Software
  SIMS Sensory Quality Evaluation Testing Software is the preferred choice for your Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Insights, Innovation, Market Research, Quality and Product Safety needs worldwide. Whether your groups are just recently established, looking to expand your operations, or are ready to switch to better software, now is the time to call Sensory Computer Systems. Join the wave of new sites using SIMS software. Find out why. Call us today.
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Web Meeting for Software Demonstration
  Free LIVE Interactive SIMS Sensory Software Demonstrations.
It's easy, from your desk, you web surf to our Meeting Web Page, and telephone to our 800#, and we're ready.
Give us an hour of your time and we will demonstrate the SIMS software application just for you.
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Recent News
  • A big welcome to all our terrific new Clients for 2016!
  • Beyond your lab's panel rooms, SIMS internet sensory testing is now available!
  • SIMS new enhancement releases ongoing, see our Support page for Enhancements list as of May 2016.
  • Ask us about customizing SIMS to meet your group's specific requirements.
  • Reward: $500 USD personal gift check for your referrals leading to new clients.
  • Free MousePads for All Clients and Evaluation sites. Ask for yours today.
  • SIMS software works great with Tablet PCs, and Wireless PCs, and low-cost Thin Client PCs.

  • Pricing       Ask about our discounts, save costs with SIMS.
  • We do not hide our Software Pricing USD, Euros, Pounds.   Build your own price quotation.
  • Academia and University Pricing.   50% discount!
  • Internet testing is included free to all clients.
  • No charges or per response/use fees as some of our competitors do.
  • We offer the lowest annual support cost, only 15%. Not high annual 'subscription'
  • In addition to comparing software packages on price, also look closely for software support, software quality,
    software ease of use, and good vendor communications which should all be part of your decision.
  • Take advantage of our competitive product discounts. It's time to switch.
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  • Management Statement
      We believe that sensory evaluation software should be flexible, easy to use, bug free, and affordable.
    Sensory Evaluation, Consumer Insights, Market Research, Quality and Safety groups worldwide have found success and recognition with SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems. Some of these groups are just recently established; others were looking to expand their operations.   Many have switched from competing software that has become outdated, is not flexible, powerful, or user-friendly enough to meet their needs. SIMS is being selected as the solution by most companies and universities in USA, South America, Europe, Asia & worldwide.

    Last year's record number of new clients now using SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems everyday was because you have a better choice. The mission of Sensory Computer Systems has been simple - deliver to our customer the easiest to use, most flexible, and most powerful software for test design, execution, and analysis.   Find out why.   Join us.

    SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems Quick Learning is easy
  • Online, read our website pages, discover more about Sensory Testing and SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems, how it is used world-wide.
  • One-hour Live one-on-one WebEx Training SIMS software sessions.
  • Online, SIMS Community Forums, under Website support links.
  • In SIMS system, Notes buttons and hints on most screens throughout the system.
  • In SIMS system, follow the 8 functional boxes on the Main Menu.
  • Call or email our helpful staff with questions, 800-579-7654
  • Forum topic, SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Systems Quick Learning Notes

  •         Any questions, any time,   800-579-7654  

    Find out why.

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    SIMS is the Sensory Information Management System.

    If it is important to you, it is important to us!

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