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Updated:  October 2019


SIMS Sensory Quality Panel Software Cloud Systems

Version 6


Enhancements and Updates Listing - Readme


·         This list is intended to inform you about many of the enhancements and changes to SIMS software.

·         Within each version of SIMS Software, we release frequent ‘build dates’. You can see your exact SIMS Software build date on main menu screen.

·         Getting the newest release is easy, see menu option under Administration/Check for SIMS Updates.

·         Newest update of this list is always available at:  SIMS Support Web Page

·         We are continually enhancing the SIMS sensory system software.  We invite you to call us with your custom requirements.


            Recent Major Enhancements:


SIMS Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)

·         If your group has not yet discovered SIMS Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS), it’s time to check it out.

·         SensoryTest.com, internet sensory testing, SIMS Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)

·         Your SIMS Cloud Systems are using cutting edge Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) technologies. 


Test presentation:

·       Tetrad Tests.

·       TDS Temporal Dominance of Sensations.

·       Randomization of attribute presentation order on screen.

·       Randomization of images and photos on screen.

·       Triangle tests multiple replications affective discrimination.

·       Apple iPad compatibility.



·       PCA Principal Component Analysis, 3D & 2D plots, view samples & attributes, underlying factors and correlations.

·       Preference Mapping Analysis, view judges & samples, liking data sample preference, underlying factors and correlations.

·       Cluster Analysis, view clusters of judges or attributes.

·       R Statistics, available for free and no cost, as alternative to SAS/JMP.

·       Penalty analysis, tables and excel graphs.

·       Comment coding, reports and analysis.

·       Immediate Individual Panelist Feedback, Panelist Performance.

·       Statistics, R, SAS, JMP, SPSS.


Data management:

·       Continuous time intensity advanced technician data point editing.

·       Free database Microsoft SQL express database optional installation.


Online testing:

·       SensoryTest.com, internet sensory testing, SIMS Cloud, Software as a Service (SaaS)  

Version 6                                                     (listed by most recent enhancements)

New logical branching on All That Apply questions the count of selected checked choices.  (Sep 2019)

New statistics on Discrimination Reports, Upper Limit % True Discriminators, Triangles, Tetrads, Duo-Trio.  (Aug 2019)

Redesigned SIMS Online screens for Web Login Codes Management for easier and quicker use.  (July 2019)

SIMS Batch Testing Management.  Manage up to 99 tests simultaneously.  Very cool.  (July 2019)

Reports Top/Bottom Boxes, added advanced option to include *All* Boxes Individually, full statistics.  (July 2019)

Reports Multiple Test Raw data and means reports, more multiple ‘Or’ searches, other enhancements (July 2019)

Ballot Question Text Color Tags <COLOR=[color]>.  RED GREEN BLUE YELLOW BLACK WHITE. (June 2019)

Hedonic Choices <COLORBACK=[color]>:  Great for DODs, Degree of Difference, Green Yellow Red. (June 2019)

Reports Multiple Test Raw data and means reports, Optionally omit the Column Freeze for this report. (June 2019)

SIMS Online, new test execution option for Hide This Test From Your Private Client Online Launchpad. (June 2019)

Deployed R Statistics version 3.6.0 into SIMS, more new feaures PCA and Comment Word Clouds. Very cool. (May 2019)

Penalty Analysis Reports, new option [Excel / Chart All Samples] at the same time.   (Apr 2019)

New Test Execution option:  New customizable text for "your Panelist Number #" on signin screen, ex. Emp #  (Apr 2019)

New Test Execution option:  Allow New Panelist to select their own New Panelist IDs, ie employee numbers.   (Mar 2019)

SIMS Word Cloud graphical comment frequency reporting. Very cool. (Feb 2019)

Panelist sequential testing, new ability for samples and/or reps online tests and for all test panel types.  (Jan 2019)

Ballots, Sorting Samples methods preliminary examples available.  (Dec 2018)

Panelists Import from Excel, better logic Panelist with exact same names, ask technician if new or existing.  (Dec 2018)

ARCS - SIMS & ARCS Bridge Ballots, demographic questions and answers to SIMS from ARCS systems. (Nov 2018)

Reports Penalty Analysis, new advanced charting showing Weighted Penalty.   (Nov 2018)

Reports for SIMS Raw Data Export insert actual Ballot Number column.  (Nov 2018)

Excel Reports, new option to By-pass All Excel File Overwrite Warnings.   (Nov 2018)

Ballots In-Line Question Instruction text formatting <STRONG> <B> Bold  <U> Underline  and  <I> Italics. (Nov 2018)

Ballot open end Comments, new option to force numeric digits only data entry.   (Nov 2018)

Data Import from ANY External source, Result Import External Data from Excel.  This is a Big one!   (Oct 2018)

Reports Market Research style tables for subgroups, breakouts, cross tabs, banners, etc.  This is a Big one!   (Oct 2018)

New Ballot Option, Rapid Testing, Automatic and Immediate Move to Next Page On Answer.   (Sept 2018)

Data Subsets, new ability to easily Subset the data sets into multiple new Result Codes.   (Sept 2018)          

Sensory Testing on Cell Phones more examples.   (August 2018)

Improvements for Discrimination Tests Comment Reports.   (July 2018)

Test Result Master, allow Edit changes to Sample Set Selection even if test is running.  (June 2018)

SIMS Reports, more use of better naming of Excel Report Files.  (June 2018)

Support for up to 999 samples per SIMS Experimental Design. (May 2018)

Experimental Design Sample Descriptions increase field width to 255 characters up from 60. (May 2018)

Test Polling Screen support for SIMS Cloud online tests, watch panelists progress real time.  (May 2018)

New whiter, softer and easier look & feel experience for your technician screens throughout SIMS system. (April 2018)

SIMS Reports and lookup for tests with thousand+ panelists.  Impressive speed improvements. on request. (March 2018)

SIMS Reports, we are working on a few very customized reports for customers upon request.  Tell us yours. (Feb 2018)

SIMS Cloud, Panelist Scheduling, Panelist Recruitment, email messages, invitations and reminders. (Jan 2018)

Updated importation support for ARCS, added 'arcs_code' awareness for SIMS panelist import via Excel.  (Dec 2017)

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express Edition.  100% Free from Microsoft.   On every SIMS DVD.   (Dec 2017)

Excel 2016 & Newer Versions Speed Improvements via Application Property Screen Updating set False (Nov 2017)

New statistics reporting option  [ ]  Drop 0 Columns, to omit columns of missing/dropped samples. (Oct 2017)

Top/Bottom reports new option for [ ] Ability to Ignore/Null certain textual Hedonic Responses.  (Oct 2017)

New statistics reporting option  [ ] Drop the Column Designations Letters (September 2017) 

Questionnaire ATA Matrix  -  Ranking Concepts  -  Allow rules for BOTH, ALL, COLs and ROWs.  (September 2017) 

New Progress Bar option for panelist tests  [ ] Show Test Progress Bar   (August 2017) 

New statistics report option  [ ] Drop the Rows for the Column Designations Letters    (August 2017) 

Statistical Reports Test Data Combinations, new Anova statistics advanced options combining Any Ballot & Any Ballot

                                                                                                                                                              (July 2017)

New SIMS Reports Quick Access under via main menu button Tables and Reports.   (July 2017) 

PCA Plots, Principal component analysis, new options for flipping axis 180 degrees, L-R, T-B.  (June 2017)

PCA Plots, Principal component analysis, new option for combine data sets, any ballot + any ballot.  (June 2017)

Bigger sign-in screens for panelists, easier to read, bigger fonts, etc.,  (June 2017)

Questionnaires, New optional Video MM Auto play on load.  (June 2017)

Data Subsets, new ability to data subset by Ranking questions.  (June 2017)

TURF Analysis (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency Analysis) via XLStat notes.  (June 2017)

SIMS Cloud continuous ongoing new features and functionality.  (May 2017)

SIMS Cloud panelist recruitment, scheduling, and timeslot reminders.  (May 2017)

Paired Comparison sample choices, optionally use Sample Descriptions, alternative from blinding codes. (May 2017)

SIMS Ballots,  SIMS Panelist Descriptive Calibration Method (DCM) - Panelist Training  (Mar 2017)

               Click here to see :  http://www.sims2000.com/Panelist-Descriptive-Calibration-Method-(DCM).asp

Excel Export Panelist Information - choose columns options.  Panelist Custom, screening, filtering.  (Mar 2017)

SIMS Online Generate Web Links, added support <%MAX%> tag panelist scheduling in email messages (Feb 2017)

Panel Groups Management, new filter by ‘location’.   Easier import to create group via email address. (Feb 2017)

Test Polling Screens, added better support for Multiple Reps Test and the Sample Captions BCs labels. (Feb 2017)

Profile Testing allow MULTI_MEDIA in the profile grid screen mix similar like Instruction Boxes.  (Feb 2017)

Reports, Statistics, Anova, Mean Separation Letters, within Sample Pairs, CAPs for alpha nn or lower.  (Jan 2017)

Ballot and Questionnaire Exporting to Word, added support for Export to PDF file printers.    (Jan 2017)

Panelist Master importing from any Excel file, better import options and flexibility.  (Jan 2017)

Panel Groups Management, new look-up filter by ‘location’, better import flexibility.  (Jan 2017)

Panelist Profiles, PAN_CUSTOM Special Ballot.  Panelist Recruitment, Custom Fields and Scheduling.  (Dec 2016)

               Click here to see :  http://www.sims2000.com/PAN_CUSTOM-Special-Ballot.asp

Panelist Scheduling, Time Slots, new Tag <Max=n>, Hedonic choices, with auto grayed out options.   (Dec 2016)

               Click here to see :  http://www.sims2000.com/Panelist-Scheduling.asp

Statistics, Least Significant Difference LSD letter superscript calculations ongoing enhancements. (Nov 2016)

Reports, Panelist Master Reports, new advanced functionality to Filter Selected Panelists via Excel.  (Oct 2016)

Ballot PIPE’ ing, add support for Piping Ranking Choice #1’s Sample Blinding Code.  (Oct 2016)

Reports, Preference Mapping Factor Analysis, External and Internal mapping techniques now supported.  (Sep 2016)

Panelist Login, add support for optional use of Panelist Email Address login entry instead of panelist ID.  (Sep 2016)

Reports, Statistical Analysis, Summary Stats and Panelist Comparison in Columns, multi Reps options. (Aug 2016)

R Statistics, add easy install of R files to main SIMS Setup.exe installation files, advanced Statistics. (Aug 2016)

Ballots, Grouped Intensity, new Branching, Piping and Randomization ‘other’ awareness functionalities.   (July 2016)

Reports T/B and Stats, new option:  Override Incomplete Block Design And Treat As Complete Block.   (July 2016)

Reports Panelist Comparison - Attribute Columns by Sample, add new Difference Average graph.   (July 2016)

PCA Principal Component Analysis, added 3D 3 factor plots.  Fancy.    (June 2016)

Dunnett’s t Tests, add R statistics support, new options, and improved notes and interpretations.    (June 2016)

PCA Principal Component Analysis, view samples & attributes, underlying factors and correlations.  (May 2016)

               Click here to see :  SIMS PCA Principal Component Analysis Examples

Preference Mapping Analysis, view judges & samples, liking data sample preference, underlying factors and correlations.  (May 2016)

Cluster Analysis, view clusters of judges or attributes.    (May 2016)

Experimental Plans, randomize S samples in X groups.  Rando 123 456  etc.  (April 2016)

Data Subgroups, for Result Codes and Stats, add ATAs to subgroupable criteria.  And Linescales with discrete increments.   (April 2016)

Top/Bottom Reports, add support for Top 4 / Bottom 4.  (April 2016)

Result Summary Statistics, add Chi-Square Attribute analysis.  (April 2016)

Result Summary Stats, new optional Sample Filter Control.  (March 2016) 

Top/Bottom Reports, add support for Line Scales are Discrete Increments = 1 and at least 5 categories.  (Feb 2016) 

Graphics, Spider radar charts, additional and new advanced options, base and virtual data series.  (Feb 2016) 

Reports, Statistics, new use of R Statistics software (available for free and no cost) as alternative to SAS.  (Jan 2016) 

Reports, Tetrad Report New Option to "Show Tetrad Blinding Codes" on report  (Jan 2016)

Result Summary Statistics,  Graphs, new graph’s data option for “Baseline Attribute” ,  (Dec 2015) 

Frequency Reports, new Attribute Frequency Graphs directly to Excel.  (Nov 2015) 

Result Summary Statistics,  new button [Statistics Package Common Output], statistics friendly.  (Nov 2015) 

Raw Data Export, for Multiple Rep Tests, optionally order by: Panelist, Rep or Rep, Panelist.  (Nov 2015)

Report, Penalty Analysis, raise decimal precision for Total Penalty math Mean Drop * Percent Not JAR. (Nov 2015)

Add optional view filter to various technician screens for Show Only Executing Tests (Oct 2015)

New Optional Password for Webpage access to SIMS online Client Launch Webpage (Oct 2015)

Grouped Intensity, new optional rule for Sum of All Grouped Intensity Cells Must Equal Value n (Oct 2015)

Reports Raw Data, New options to include Ballot Page #'s in header columns, selectable Excel font sizes (Sep 2015)

Reports Result Summary Statistics, more attribute filter options, individual sample graphs, auto Y Scale (Sep 2015)

Branching, logical skipping patterns, various enhancements and fixes. (Sep 2015)

Test Combine, statistics, highly similar ballots, more liberal rules allowing more test combines.  (Sep 2015)

Reports, Cross Tabs, New report Style B, Excel Exporting, add cell colors similar to T2B2 (Aug 2015)

Penalty Analysis report, enhance 2nd tab O l Liking selection, allow for both odd and even attributes. (Aug 2015)

Panelist Codes for Panel Groups.   Added support for Excel Export/ Import from Clipboard.      (July 2015)

Add support for Symbol Hand Scanners for quick sample experimental design information entry.    (July 2015)

Reports, Statistics, add support for Fisher's Least Significant Difference (LSD) Test Mean Separations in

   combination with stats option to Incorporate Panelist Consistency Over Reps.                                 (June 2015)

Questionnaires, new special Tag, Calculated Attributes <CALCATTR [attr1] - [attr2]>  (May 2015).

Reports, Excel reporting, various reports, new options for spreadsheet row color options.  (May 2015).

Reports, Top/Bottom, more fine-tuning, Merge the TopX BottomX attribute choices, additional colors, etc. (May 2015)

Report Multiple Test Result Means Report, new optional samples Merged across results. (April 2015).

Report Top/Bottom, new Excel Direct destination along with existing Table generator.  (April 2015).

Technician Screens, system-wide, character fonts and screen layouts; bigger, brighter, better.  (April 2015).

Statistical Analysis, Add optional REPS SELECTION to Statistical Analysis, select one to many  (March 2015)

Technician Screens, add optional Grid and List filtering, similar to Code Search (March 2015).

Graphics, add more Color choices for Samples DataPoint and random colors cycling (March 2015)

Reports, Project Status Report, existing "Status" column will be repurposed to auto populate from the Test Execution Result Master screen's "Notes" field.   (Feb 2015)

Reports, Project Status Report, new option when Excel exporting, split existing Sample Descriptions column into S# of independent Excel columns.   (Feb 2015)

‘Description’ fields on Questionnaire Master, Experimental Design and other screens raised to 255 characters (Feb 2015)

Experimental Plans, added ability to Import all REPS, similar to the existing Export all reps functionality (Jan 2015)

Experimental Design Blinding Codes, Tetrad,  2C4 automated BC pulls AABB AAABBB  (Jan 2015)

Result Master Advanced options, add support for deleting data by Reps  (Jan 2015)

Tetrad questionnaire, add branching functionality based on Tetrad correct/incorrect result.    (Dec 2014)

Tetrad questionnaire, display little red message whenever an invalid grouping selected.    (Dec 2014)

New questionnaire tag  <PIPE {Attribute]}> swaps in the panelist's previously asked Attribute responses. (Nov 2014)

               Click here to see :  SIMS Questionnaire Piping Examples

TDS Report Curves/Graphs added Standardized Time (%), Significance level and Chance level lines.    (Nov 2014)

               Click here to see :  SIMS Temporal Dominance of Sensations Examples

Tetrad Tests, new questionnaire & design examples, new reports.  (Oct 2014)

               Click here to see :  SIMS Tetrad Test Examples